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Kissimmee Reunion
May 18-19, 2014
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Class of '59 Reunion
May 30-31, 2014 
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Class of '94 Reunion
June 6-8, 2014
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Class of '60 Reunion
March 7-8, 2015
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When: 2nd Thursday of each month
Where: LWCHS Trojan Den

DFS Board Meetings:
8:00 a.m. or 6:00 p.m. (alternate months)

Alumni Board Meetings:
8:30 a.m. or 6:30 p.m. (alternate months)

You do not have to have attended or graduated from Lake Worth High School to be a LWHS Alumni Foundation member.

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Dear LWHS Schoolmates,

Once again, it's time for our annual get together here in the beautiful Orlando area.

The following events are scheduled: Sunday afternoon (May 18, 2014) with the White Elephant Tea Party (wrapped gift required), then poolside for cocktails and hors d'oeuvres. Monday's (May 19, 2014) planned event options are golf, tennis, shopping, wine tasting, dinner and ice cream social.

Your reservation form gives you all the details. Please fill it out completely and return it quickly to assist our staff in planning and preparing for your arrival. Don't delay - procrastinators may find themselves lacking a suite as we could be overbooked. So, please don't let that happen to you as some have in the past.

We look forward to our time together once again and truly hope you can make it.

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Lake Worth High School Class of '59 is having their 55th class reunion on May 30-31, 2014.

For information contact:

KENN NORBERG 561-582-4101 EXT 11

RICHARD HAYNES 561-719-1113



On Wednesday, March 12, 2014, the Palm Beach County School Board presented members of the Lake Worh High School Alumni Foundation and Lake Worth Dollars for Scholars with certificates of appreciation.  The School Board praised both groups for the exceptional work which has been done raising money for scholarships for county students.  Since 1999 more than $750,000.00 in scholarships has been awarded.  Applicants must prove their ability to succeed in college through their grade point average, college entrance exam scores, extracurricular and community involvement and recommendations from their teachers and guidance counselors. All recipients must demonstrate financial need.

Click here to view pictures from the event.




Two issues of the Alumni Foundation newspaper were mailed to over 11,000 alumni in 2013.

The cost to your Alumni Foundation for these two issues was $8321 which represents over 80% of our administrative expenses.

In order to save most of this money, we plan to take the following steps beginning in 2015.

1. Continue to create the newspaper twice a year.

2. Deliver printed newspaper only to Alumni Foundation members (see membership application elsewhere on this website).

3. Deliver newspaper by email to any alumnus upon request (whether or not they are an Alumni Foundation member). If you would like the newspaper to be emailed to you, please send an email to This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it and simply put the words LWHS Alumni Newspaper in the subject line of your email. Please include your name and graduating class in the body of the email.

4. Provide newspaper on our website for all other alumni.

Thank you for your understanding as we implement these changes.

Randall B. Hall ‘60


2014 - 2015 Officers

Jenni Chastain - President

Harold Gilmore - Vice President

Margaret Witherow - Secretary

Randy Hall - Treasurer

For the complete list of the Board of Directors, click here.



Beginning Balance (January 1, 2013) $108,409

Fundraisers $35,420
Memberships $4,110
Donations $2,628
Investments $6,959
Total Income $49,117

Fundraising $16,945
Newspaper $8,321
Office $2,231
Total Expenses $27,497

Grants and Scholarships $10,067

Retained Income $11,553

Ending Balance (December 31, 2013) $119,962


Checking $10,321
Bulk Mail Account $1,639
Investment Accounts $108,002

Total Assets $119,962

hats on jpeg - 5 x 7


Lake Worth Dollars for Scholars has a new website.

This new site is part of the nationwide Scholarship America ChapterNet network.  The new site will provide you with chapter news, online scholarship applications and more.

All new Dollars for Scolars information will be placed on the new site and eventually, the old site will be discontinued.

Please click to visit us at www.lake worth.dollarsforscholars.org.


Lake Worth Dollars for Scholars Foundation to award $75,000 in college scholarships

By Willie Howard - Palm Beach Post Staff Writer

The Lake Worth Dollars for Scholars Foundation will award a record $75,000 in college scholarship money May 8 to students at Lake Worth High School and other schools in Palm Beach County.

The scholarship program, administered by the Lake Worth High School Alumni Foundation, raises money through fundraisers and donations.

This year's scholarship money includes a $10,000 anonymous donation to the foundation and $25,000 donated by the high school using proceeds from the flea market held on weekends just west of the Lake Worth High School campus, said David Cantley, a former principal of the high school and a board member of the alumni foundation.

Sixty-nine students will receive scholarships ranging from $1,000 to $3,000 during a ceremony set for 7 p.m. May 8 in the Tommy Hansen Hall auditorium at Lake Worth High.

Most of the college scholarship recipients are Lake Worth High School seniors.

Five students who are pursuing careers in education will receive Barry Grunow Memorial scholarships, named for the late Lake Worth Middle School teacher.

The alumni foundation holds an annual golf tournament and special events such as spaghetti dinners and hogs roasts to raise money for the Dollars for Scholars scholarships. People have included Dollars for Scholars Foundation donations in their wills, Cantley said.

After this year's scholarships are awarded, the Lake Worth Dollars for Scholars Foundation will have awarded a total of $752,700 in college scholarship money, Cantley said.

For the complete list of scholarship recipients, please go to Dollars for Scholars web site - www.LWDFS.org.



Have you moved?  Do you have a new email address?  Have you changed your phone number?

Please let us know.  We want to keep in touch with you and update our records.

If you have made any of these changes and you have not informed us, please send your new information to This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it .

Thank you for your continued support.



If you have not already done so, now is the time to renew your membership or join the Alumni Foundation.  Your membership will be good until December 31st.

Renew now.  If you are not a member yet, please take this opportunity to join and support the Alumni Foundation.  Your tax deductible donation goes to support our scholarship program for deserving LWCHS students.

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If you have any questions about the Lake Worth High School Alumni Foundation or if we can assist you in any way, please contact us at  This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it or LWHS Alumni Foundation, PO Box 1166, Lake Worth, FL 33462.

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