About Us

When plans were being made to form a Lake Worth High School Alumni Foundation, Dennis Dorsey, Principal Dave Cantley and Al Elam stepped to the plate. Dave and Al then traveled to Richmond, IN to attend workshops on “How to do it.” For several months Al, Dennis and Dave worked together laying out the groundwork for The Lake Worth High School Alumni Foundation and Dollars for Scholars to make the dream a reality. No one has contributed more of themselves to the Alumni Foundation and Dollars for Scholars then Dave, Dennis and Al.

Thanks to these three men graduates of Lake Worth High School since 1922 will be remembered and share many memories. In addition, many more needy graduates each year will be able to receive scholarship assistance because of their dreams, foresight, and hard work.

Foundation Officers

  • President: Harold Gilmore
  • Vice President: Dennis Dorsey
  • Secretary: Doris Dorsey
  • Treasurer: Cyndy Hall Othus
  • Founder, Dollars for Scholars, President: Dave Cantley

Past Presidents

  • John Adair
  • Dennis Dorsey, Founder
  • Jenni Chastain
  • Phil Calcagno
  • Lonnie Mills
  • Roberta Stephens
  • Virginia Thomas

Board Members

• John Adair
• Joanna Aiken
• Caryl Anderson
• Phil Calcagno
• Dave Cantley
• Kay Cantley
• E. Scott Curry
• Dennis Dorsey
• Doris Dorsey
• Judy Fabris
• Harold Gilmore
• Helen Gilmore
• John Harvey
• Char Macon
• Lonnie Mills
• Karen Mostler
• Roberta Stephens
• Virginia Thomas
• Carol Webster
• Doris Welsh
• Margaret Witherow