The Lake Worth High School Alumni Foundation has several ways you can help raise funds and continue to be a part of The lake Worth High School.

Replace That Old Tattered or Lost Yearbook!

The Lake Worth High School Alumni Foundation has a collection of yearbooks for sale at a fraction of the cost when purchased at the year of publication.  Most all are new, having never been sold and setting on the shelf since published.  A very few are used, having been donated by alums or their families.

The following books were available as of February 24, 2018.  The first number is the number of books available and the second number is the year.

1-1947, 1-1948, 3-1949, 1-1950, 1-1951, 1-1956, 1-1960, 1-1961, 9-1977, 1-1979, 1-1981, 1-1982, 9-1983, 5-1984, 2-1984, 3-1985, 2-1986, 10-1888, 10-1989, 10-1990, 6-1991, 3-1994, 4-1992,2-1993, 4-1995, 9-1996, 8-1997, 6, 1998, 1-2000, 3-2001, 2-2002, 1-2004, 8-2005, 10-2007, 2-2008, 1-2010, 15-2009.

To purchase a yearbook, make your check payable to LWHS Alumni in the amount of $30.00 with the notation “Yearbook.” Mail to Lake Worth High School Alumni Foundation, P.O. Box 1166, Lake Worth, FL 33460.

Anyone wishing to donate yearbooks should contact us at

Purchase The LWHS History Book ~ $25.00

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