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Scholarship Committee Report
August 2016

Scholarship Committee Report
Dollars for Scholars Meeting
August 11, 2016

The due date for submission of scholarship applications was extended to March 18, 2016 to insure the completion of the application process on line with the inclusion of the guidance counselor portion. The review, evaluation and selection process was completed March 29, 2016 by the Scholarship Committee consisting of: Paul Blockson, Ed & Jane Whitaker, Scott Curry, Mike Woods, MaryAnne Hedrick, Maggie Cooper and Doris Welsh.

63 DFS Applications received:                                        10 Grunow Memorial Applications received:
32 General Recipients selected                                             5 Recipients selected
3 Kiwanis recipients
2 Baha’i recipients                                                           7 Vocational/Technical Applications received
3 Wayne Akers Ford recipients                                           2 Recipients selected
40 Total Recipients selected

73 Total Applications were submitted for evaluation & selection
47 Total 2016 Scholarship Recipients Selected

Dollar Amount Awarded: DFS $49.000
Kiwanis $3,000
Baha’i $2,000
Wayne Akers Ford $3,000
Total: $57,000
1 Forfeited Scholarships – $1,000
Grunow Memorial $10,000
Total Amount Expended $66,000

Funding Sources:
Donations: Jack Charles Award $9,000
Lake Worth Kiwanis $3,000
Baha’i $2,000
Wayne Akers Ford $3,000
Lake Worth Women’s Club $1,000
Lake Worth Street Painting $2,000
LWHS Memorial $1,500
Randy Hall Memorial $1,500
McPherson Family $1,000
Woodall Memorial $2,000
Total: $26,000

DFS Amount Awarded – $56,000
Donation Funding – $26,000
Funding from DFS Internal Account – $30,000
(50% of Endowment Interest was used for scholarship funding in 2016)

The 18th Annual Awards Ceremony was held on May 5, 2016. A total of $67,000 was awarded to 47 recipients at that time.

The Vocational/Technical Scholarship was a new addition this year to our scholarship categories, and the response was very encouraging. Of the seven (7) qualified applicants, two (2) very deserving students were selected.

The awarding of scholarships was as follows:
General Academic Scholarships: 40 recipients $53,500
Vocational/Technical Scholarhips: 2 recipients $3,500
Grunow Memorial Scholarships: 5 recipients $10,000
Total recipients for 2016 – 47 – $67,000

Demographic Information: Race & Gender breakdown will be given in a follow-up report.

College of intent…………………11 (9 – Florida and 2 Out of State)
(80% of the recipients are continuing their education at colleges in Palm Beach County, and 96% will enroll in Florida colleges and universities.)

Since its beginning in 1999, DFS has awarded $970,700 in scholarships. In memory of Barry Grunow, $166,250 has been awarded. Dollars for Scholars continues to provide deserving students at Lake Worth High School and throughout Palm Beach County with the opportunity to further their education and reach for their dreams.

A special thanks to the members of the scholarship committee for their time, dedication and diligent efforts throughout the review and selection process. Mrs. Maggie Cooper, once again went above and beyond the call of duty by continuing to assist students and guidance counselors even after her retirement. The invaluable support and assistance of Dr. George Lockhart, Vincent Taormino and Dr. Annette Gilbert and the LWHS Guidance Department is greatly appreciated, and without whom the awards ceremony would have been difficult to make happen.

Finally, a sincere thanks to Kay and David Cantley and Mike Woods, the scholarship letters and checks were written, signed and mailed to recipients in the first week of July 2016. Letters were also sent to the colleges of intent identifying our scholarship recipients who would be enrolling at their institutions

Respectfully submitted
Doris A. Welsh,
Scholarship Committee Co-Chair