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Dave Cantley – President
Paul Blockson – Vice President/Awards Co-Chair
Michael Woods – Treasurer
Helen Gilmore- Secretary
Rock Tate – Past President

Committee Chairs:

Doris Welsh – Awards Co-Chair
Dennis Dorsey – Nominating Committee Co-Chair
Doris Dorsey – Nominating Committee Co-Chair

Board of Directors

Caryl Anderson
Jenni Chastain
E. Scott Curry
Honey Duncan
Judy Fabris
Annette M. Grimes Gilbert
Harold Gilmore
Helen Gilmore
Pat Growney
Cherie Hanna

Bradley Harper
Maryanne Hedrick
Lady Hereford
Lonnie Mills
Ralph Milone
Karen Mostler
Kenn Norberg
Gail Paglialungo
Carol Webster
Ed Whitaker
Jane Whitaker