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Dollars for Scholars 2018-2019 Tips for Lake Worth High School Seniors

We are excited to announce that seniors with a 2.5 GPA or higher can log on to to create an account and start their application beginning November 1, 2018.  The deadline to complete your portion of the application is March 8, 2019.  This allows one week for your counselor to complete their portion before the final deadline of March 15, 2019. You will need your A14 screen and SAT/ACT scores to complete the student portion.  You will also need the “EFC” from your completed FAFSA to finish your application.  Go to to complete the FAFSA.

If you apply before January you will need to update your GPA and class rank and enter any new ACT/SAT scores as you receive them.

You will need to list your guidance counselor’s name, email address and phone number on the application.  You will also need to list a recommender.  It will be best if you use your guidance counselor as the recommender.

Under the “Education” portion of the application, if you are in a Choice Program include it under “Other”.  This may help you be selected for a scholarship.

In the essay portion labeled “Goals” write 4-5 sentences about your goals.  Explain completely but be brief.  Around 50 words is what is preferred.  In the section labelled “Unusual Circumstances” write about 50 words, only if you are facing a serious challenge that others might not have.

There are three different scholarships that you can choose from to apply for this year.  One is the “General Academic Scholarship”.  This is for students who want to get a 4 year college degree.  The second is the “Barry Grunow Scholarship”.  This is for students that want to earn a college degree to be a teacher.  The third is the “Vocational/Technical Scholarship”.  This is for students that want to get a certificate in a vocational area such as culinary, firefighting, cosmetology, etc.  You can only apply for one of the scholarships using the drop-down arrow.

There will be trouble-shooting sessions scheduled in February if you need assistance with your application but you are encouraged to begin the process as soon as it opens.  THIS IS A VERY SPECIAL OPPORTUNITY FOR ONLY LAKE WORTH HIGH STUDENTS AND MANY SCHOLARSHIPS WILL BE AWARDED TO HELP YOU GET A START IN PAYING FOR YOUR STUDY AFTER HIGH SCHOOL.  SEE YOUR COUNSELOR IF YOU HAVE FURTHER QUESTIONS!