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Scholarship America is the nation’s largest scholarship and educational support organization, and its Dollars for Scholars program is the nation’s largest grass roots, community-based scholarship program – raising funds and providing financial and academic support to students in the community in which the funds are raised.

Applicants must prove their ability to succeed in college through their grade point average, college entrance exam scores, extracurricular and community involvement and recommendations from their teachers and guidance counselors. All recipients must demonstrate financial need. Parents will be asked to complete and sign a financial disclosure statement.

Lake Worth DFS is also proud to be the sponsoring agency for the Barry Grunow Scholarship Fund.


 Scholarship Committee Report August 13, 2015 – click here

Lake Worth Dollars for Scholars (DFS) became only the third DFS chapter in Florida in 1999. Since then, we have awarded scholarships each year totaling:

2015 graph$10,000 in 1999
$17,000 in 2000
$31,500 in 2001
$54,500 in 2002
$51,000 in 2003
$57,000 in 2004
$57,400 in 2005
$47,500 in 2006
$50,500 in 2007
$63,500 in 2008
$59,000 in 2009
$66,000 in 2010
$74,750 in 2011
$74,750 in 2012
$75,000 in 2013
$87,000 in 2014
$68,000 in 2015